Saturday, November 1, 2008

use it all!

My friend Christine, a.k.a. is amazing! She can learn how make or do anything in no time flat then teach you how to do it better not long after. As of late, she has embarked upon a great project of turning crappy old junkmail into beautiful real mail you can't wait to receive. Old fashion magazines? Last years calendars? BAM! They are now stunning envelopes beckoning you to write to old friends, maybe even new ones if you've had your coffee and are feeling frisky! Pesky advertisements cluttering your mailbox, hiding your precious REAL mail? NO MORE! KAPOW! Fantastic collaged postcards with more depth and beauty than any corporate exec could ever have imbued upon the images! I feel so inspired! I have one frog calender transformed into envelopes for my holiday card sales- I was so happy to NOT BUY new envelopes and just make the special size I needed from "junk" around the house!

Man, I want me to write to me!


christine said...

One Man Band here -
if you want to see the postcards i made from cutting up junk mail, catalogs, and old magazines, here are some not-so-great photos of them:

p.s. super cool project. i love to hear what Tina's working on for it.

Anonymous said...

How cool...I want you to write to me, too!! k8

Larkin said...

This is super cool!!! I am inspired, especially with Christmas coming up!

Tracey said...

This is great! I used to do this - make envelopes out of pictures in magazines, etc., - but haven't thought of it in MANY years. Maybe this is just the challenge I needed to start walking the talk of non-consumerism.

Great project Larkin. You definitely ROCK!

Tracey - from Ottawa