Monday, October 27, 2008

Reclaimed Yarn

--from Larkin--

Hey guys, and thanks Mom, that was a great post!

Well as for me, I've got yarn on the brain. With Christmas coming up I am currently working on two gifts (hint: they're large and soft and lie across your bed) with two more waiting in the wings. And I am pleased to announce that all but one of them is made entirely of used yarn. The best place to get bulk yarn (or random small balls of texture yarn) is the Goodwill. Also at the Goodwill, any thrift shop, or the back of your closet are wonderful, yet horrible, sweaters just begging to be unraveled and re-knitted or crocheted. I recommend looking for bulky sweaters for this "reclaiming," though thin yarn can be very interesting to work with as well.

And while I must go now, so as to do math homework, I shall return! Meanwhile, I welcome all members to write beautiful things in my absence.

Happy Halloween, one and all!