Thursday, November 20, 2008

I had a dream

I must say, these last couple weeks have been quite a boom. This humble little project has come so far. Yet I wonder, is it far enough? I have high hopes for us, but I sometimes wonder if it all really matters. I wonder if the day will come, be it in a year or ten years, when I too will be just another of the mindless mass strolling along downtown, indulging my senses with rich Italian leather and delicate French lace.

But that is the point, or the anti-point, isn't it? We are here to change all that. It isn't a dream anymore, We have ripples swirling out from our little pebble: a "free-cycle" program beginning in California, international readership, and even those who cannot bring themselves to join us are still inspired by our existence.

This is not a dream. We are not just making changes: we are the change.

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