Sunday, October 12, 2008

Old to New

--from Larkin--

Last Friday there was no school, so I took a trip to the Ballard neighborhood Goodwill . I must say, I do like thrift stores.

One of the sweaters I bought, a housecoat style, didn't have any buttons or a clasp. So when I got home, I broke out the sculpey clay and made a shawl pin like the ones I have seen in many yarn stores. The store-bought ones are always so expensive, but here is one very simple, very cost efficient pin on my "new" sweater.

Not content with stopping at just one pin, I was able to make many other sculpey creations, so my Christmas presents are officially underway! I also found 3 bags of different yarns, so those will undoubtedly end up as someones knitted gifts.

Meanwhile, I'd like to welcome my mom, Kate, and our friend over in Spokane, Mark. Both have joined The Compact Project and have been given blogging rights here. Look for posts coming soon from them, as well as Tina and Beth.

Thanks for joining me, everyone. Maybe your decisions will inspire other friends and family to make this same commitment. Come's fun and challenging!


Hayden said...

Cool pin! By the way, we wrote a post about you over on Push to Talk, the teen blog for Seattle Public Library:

Librarian Girl said...

This is an awesome project! I'll be reading along for the year for sure. --a friend of Kate's

Marty (Magnolia Library) said...

What a great idea for a blog! I'm going to get my daughter to read it too.....