Friday, October 3, 2008

I am not alone!

--from Larkin--

Responses to my initial email are coming in, and what responses they are! I already have two people who have accepted the challenge to join me in opting out of the consumer loop. I want to give a warm welcome to Beth and Tina, who have each been given blogging rights here. We can all look forward to entries from them very soon. Thanks for joining me!

If you'd like to get in on this fun and challenging experiment, it's not too late! Just because you can't buy new goods, doesn't mean you can't get your retail fix. Think second hand and vintage shops. Think local artisans. Think sewing and crafty things. Think barter/trade.

And you can still buy new experiences: restaurants, shows, trips. Recently, rather than buying my bff a "thing" for her birthday, I took her out for sushi. We had a great time together, and that time was more fun and valuable than anything else I could have given her.

If anyone out there is thinking that you could almost try this experiment, except that there are times when you just have to purchase can still join! When there is no other option but buying new (for a car part or special hiking gear or whatever), you just have to apply the reasonable rule. Do I really need to have this? Is there any reasonable way to get it used, or can I maybe barter for it? The main thing is that you think it through, consider all the possibilities, and then make an informed, intentional choice.

Anyway, thanks for all the emails of support and encouragement. I'm still hoping my mom will join this experiment, as she has been a strong supporter of this effort all along. Come on, mom! You almost never buy new stuff anyway--it would be easy for you! : )


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm trying to build up the resolve to join you...I'm THIS close...
xoxo mom

Anonymous said...

I'm in. ~mom

Librarian Man said...

Hey Larkin --

A lovely idea. It is becoming ever clearer (to me at least) that the salvation of our planet lies not in some large, international organization complete with t-shirts, tote bags and so on, but in small, individual actions such as this. Kudos.

Seeing that we don't have access to any new things over here in Spokane in the first place, count me in!*

*Starting tomorrow, OK? I need some new PJ pants and although I can almost convince myself that I can go the 2nd hand route, my nose immediately and involuntarily wrinkles in displeasure.