Thursday, February 5, 2009

love vs wins!

In the spirit of the Compact and all things crafty, this year our MS Walk team made homemade valentines out of old magazines and a couple partial sets of old children's card games. Throughout last week and through this upcoming one, various crafty dames have hunkered down at the card table and waved their rubber cement soaked magic wands and POOF! sweet, sassy, sometimes dirty valentines all magically appear. We also made little baggies of condoms and kisses to sell, which we packed in a mysterious box of 1980's Waxtex "microwave bags" which I inherited from my grandmother's estate, and decorated with Old Maid playing cards. "Rollicky Ruth", "Agile Ann", "Ready Freddy"- they all were just made to decorate so!

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katelaugh said...

And then didn't you make treats for St Paddy's, too? How did that go?