Thursday, December 25, 2008

a recession yuletide

Merry Christmas, everyone! I'd like to celebrate this day on the Compact Project by sharing 2 wonderful gifts, one from this year, and one from many years ago.

First off is the BEST homemade Christmas card I have ever received, hands down. And I've made a lot of them...but this one wins the show due to the brilliant simplicity in using corrugated cardboard and a Sharpie marker. The back is done postcard style.
Next up is my very favorite winter hat, made by my sister Beth (who is also a member of Larkin's experiment). The hat is a simple, fun design made from fleece, and she added a rock on the front that she'd had for many years just floating around. The great thing is that Beth made this hat for me maybe 10 years ago now...and it continues to look fabulous and warm my head. Yay for homemade! Ho ho ho!

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