Sunday, December 14, 2008

on the hunt!

hi guys! what a busy time of the year! does anyone have any ideas about where a girl could get some used/recycled curtain rods or perhaps some advice about how to make some that will actually stay up with the curtains on them? my attempts have all failed!

i am fighting the vast temptation of getting a ride to ace hardware (who by the way are cooperatively owned!) and whipping out the visa, but it is so cold and the curtains need to go up soon!

muchas gracias in advance for any and all advice! happy homemade holidays everybody!


That thing I sent you... said...

Hey there,

Maybe this article will help...?

Anonymous said...

Tina, this may not work for your needs, but I have a "recipe" for making beautiful window coverings using art paper (like Dakota Art has, right near your place), bamboo rods, and a hot glue gun. Let me know if you want to hear how. (Makes a great gift, too!) ; ) k8

katelaugh said...

Tina, here's an example of the paper blinds I mentioned above:

Anonymous said...

thanks everybody- i have some good ideas now. the paper curtains sound beautiful for the summer! i could not get the image to work, so i guess we will just have to have some warm soothing chai soon and you can draw me a little picture!