Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello Larkin and fellow bloggers:

By way of introduction, my name is Lynn and I am married to John (Larkin's grandfather's younger :-) brother). We live in Albuquerque, NM. I have intrepidly joined the group and I anticipate and look forward to many challenges in the endeavor to reduce clutter, recycle, and learn to live more sustainably. Just today, I was at Office Max buying envelopes (for 15% off) & I thought, how would you not buy envelopes for a year? I shop some at thrift stores and I have never seen envelopes. However, John found this wonderful, old lamp at Thrift Town once and he rewired it and I use it on my desk. Having said that, we are "good consumers," if you know what I mean, and I will be challenged by the road ahead. I have already started to think differently in terms of purchases. This holiday season we will be giving some homemade treats, but alas, they will be in new Tupperware (did you guys know they still make Tupperware!); what can I say, I got to start somewhere. Also, we will be sending out hand made cards (a project I started last summer). In summary, I must say, that I am all for buying new underwear, as Larkin mentioned we could do in one of her posts. Larkin, I admire your “Senior Project” and I will acquire inspiration from you in the months ahead. Mas tarde. lynna

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