Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Capitalism on its way out?

I'm sure we are all concerned about the economy. Nothing much has changed for me, except I've lost about 1/3 of the value of 457K account. But I figure that I won't need that money. When I retire with my generous pension, that money will be for my grandchildren's college tuition anyway. Or not-- the pension fund will be bankrupt, and the 457K account worth nothing at all. All my kids will be jobless and homeless, and move in with me, and we will grow our own vegetables in the back yard. We'll Watch that wonderful movie "You can't Take it with You" over and over. Now I'm worried-- should I join the consumer economy big time? Help turn a Red Friday to a Black Friday?

Here's the deal. I pay off my credit card every month. I drive a car for over 10 years; only go to the mall about once every ten years (for entertainment purposes only); I get all my books at the public library; I buy as well as donate to the Goodwill. When people say "where did you get the cute coat", I am proud to say where I got it. When my daughter was little, I once bought her a Gunnie Sax dress at Value Village, and wrapped it up in a Nordstrom's gift box for Christmas. (She figured it out, and thought I was a real scrooge.)

Now I am worried about the economy. Maybe I should go out a buy a new American car. New furniture. Appliances. A big screen TV. Christmas presents for all my distant relatives.

Or is this the end of Capitalism-- as Lenin, or was it Marx said, "one step forward, two steps back"-- Should "the people" own the banks and the means of production.

Help! I don't understand this at all.

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Larkin said...

You got me. Let me know when you figure it all out.

But I think you are right. Personally I wouldn't have any problem seeing the end of the consumer era.